Gothenburg 2018

EuHPN’s 2018 workshop took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, with generous support from our member organisations White Arkitekter and Chalmer’s University of Technology’s Centre for Healthcare Architecture.  Around a dozen European countries were represented by 90 participants, and in addition to a series of top class presentations on our theme of Research and Evaluation for Care Closer to Home the attendees were able to visit the Carlanderska Hospital and the Nötkarnan bergsjön primary care centre – both award winning examples of design for health facilities. 

Most of the presentations from the workshop are available in the table below.  You can download the final version of the workshop programme, including information on the speakers and participants, here.

Speaker Presentation
Hans Winberg, Secretary General, The Leading Health Care Foundation, Sweden What is the future for healthcare in Sweden – and the world?
Henrik AlmgrenProject Manager for the Göteborgssjukvården project, Västra Götaland Region, Sweden The ambitions for health in the Gothenburg region – Design and development of ‘smart’ hospitals
Nigel Edwards, Chief  Executive,  The  Nuffield  Trust; Hon.  Visiting  Professor  London  School  of  Hygiene  and  Tropical  Medicine; Associate,  European  Observatory  on  Health  Systems  and  Policies

Challenges  to  the  operating  and business  models  of  health  care


Dr Goran Lindahl, Center for Healthcare Architecture, Division of Building Design, Chalmers University of Technology

Professor Helle Wijk, Deputy Head, Institute of Health and Care Science, The Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University

Care environments as a function of Design Research and Caring Science
Dr Maria de Fatima Castro, Universidade do Minho, Portugal The sustainability of healthcare buildings – integration of sustainable effective design criteria in a new method
Dr Unni Dahl, Sykehusbygg, Norway
What does research tell us about the viability of small, local, community hospitals?
Katri Länsivuori MSc, Project Manager, South Karelia Social and Healthcare District, Finland Delivering integrated home care services
Heidi Huuskonen PhD, Project Manager, The Rescue Department of South Karelia, Finland Safety at Home – the integrated approach between safety and wellbeing
Rosica Pachilova, PhD candidate, UCL, UK
The effect on health building design on quality of care: lessons from the past to inform the future
Anne Symons, PhD candidate, UCL, UK
The effect of delivery models on the requirements crunch point: the case for integrated project delivery
Susan Grant, NHSScotland HFS Principal Architect, Scotland Health & Care closer to Home: lessons from NHSScotland
John Browner, Assistant National Director (Capital & Property), HSE Estates, Ireland Provision of Residential Care Centres in the Republic of Ireland
Milena Stevanovich, VK Architects & Engineers, Belgium Lifecycle assessment of health and care buildings: a perspective from the construction sector
Vincent Magri, Head of Architecture & Civil Engineering, Foundation for Medical Services, Malta Developing a Masterplan for a 150 year-old in-patient psychiatric facility

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Cristiana Caira, Partner and Board Member, White arkitekter, Sweden


Suzanne Guregard, Södra Älvsborg Hospital, Sweden

Swedish design for mental health facilities: the New Psychiatric Clinic in Borås.

Part 1

Part 2

AnneMarie Eijkelenboom, Architect, EGM Architects, Netherlands Rethinking environments for mental health and dementia care
Eng. Marco Pirini, Khymeia, Italy and Marta Matamala Gomez, University of Barcelona/University of Pavia Virtual reality as a tool for continuity of care from hospital to home

Part 1

Part 2

Dr Sunil Angris, GP and Director, Fusion48 and David Seymour, Director, Fusion48, UK FrailtySIM: changing perceptions and improving the lives of older people
Rick Shands, Director, Total Alliance Health Partners International (TAHPI), UK Virtual Infrastructure and the Healthcare Ecosystem
Menno Hinkema and Andrew Koster, TNO, Netherlands Strategic decision support through integrated modelling of alternatives
Ulla Antonsson and Roger Johansson, White arkitekter, Sweden The Carlanderska Hospital: principles of design for specialist but local care
Christer Andersson, Nötkarnan bergsjön center, Sweden
Designing a primary care centre to meet the needs of local citizens
Pernilla Norden and Börje Blomster, Sweco, Sweden
The right to health for all: an inclusive approach to co-design of hospital care with local residents
Professor Roger Ulrich, PhD, Center for Healthcare Architecture, Chalmers University Better by design: cost savings of evidence-informed design
Architect José Carlos Palmer Martínez, Planho Consultores, Spain
High resolution healthcare assistance (an alternative to the ‘general hospital’)
Prof. dr. Bianca Buurman, professor of acute geriatric care, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  The initiative of the ‘buurtziekenhuis’ (neighbourhood hospital)
Prof. Arch. Simona Ganassi Agger, Chair, European Health Property Network
Research and Evaluation for Care Infrastructure Closer to Home: Closing Remarks