EuHPN Workshop 2016 - Madrid 23-25 November - Healthcare Infrastructure for a Web of Care

European countries face an urgent need to provide their citizens with more personalised services, responsive to changing models of health and social care. This shift, encouraged by new technologies, is characterised by more distributed and decentralised care provision.  Hospitals focus increasingly on highly specialised diagnoses and treatments, while primary and community care adopt some features which were previously available only in secondary care centres.  Home care services, and forums for patient self-management, are becoming important factors in the overall care system, and non-clinical environments are playing a significant role in patient education and support.  These trends add up to a move away from care provision in traditional silos, towards a web of care which extends from the home, to spaces for work and leisure, and, of course, to newly imagined clinical environments.

The 2016 EuHPN Workshop addressed the effects of this societal change on the physical environment of care. A range of speakers from across Europe, including invited speakers from Spain, spoke on:

  • The rationale for the web of care, including service reform

  • How to plan for radical reconfiguration of healthcare infrastructure

  • Designs for a new generation of healthcare buildings

  • Health-promoting public spaces

  • Technologies which enable better care, in and out of health facilities

  • Implementing new care models and their supporting infrastructure.

The workshop programme and presentions from the workshop can be found under the 'Workshops' tab.



Cross-border healthcare: a challenge and a necessity

On 9th May 2016 the newly formed Integrated University Healthcare Agency of Trieste (ASUITS) welcomed around 90 speakers and participants to a day of discussion and information exchange on the topic of cross-border healthcare.  The European Health Property Network (EuHPN) regularly supports regional seminars which focus on themes which link changes to European health systems with the development of healthcare facilities, from the largest hospitals to the buildings used for primary and community care.  The Trieste workshop was organised through a collaboration between EuHPN, ASUITS, the Italian Society of Architecture and Engineering for Health (SIAIS), Smartcare and the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services.  We are grateful for the support offered by the Italian Ministry of Health, the Government of Catalonia and Istituto Superiore di Sanitá.

The Trieste workshop’s main objective was to build on the excellent work already undertaken by the health policy and health care organisations of Trieste and the surrounding region, alongside partners in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, by bringing together a range of international experts to debate what works, and what doesn’t work, in making cross-border care a successful reality.  Further details of this workshop are here


dJGA joins EuHPN

EuHPN is delighted to welcome De Jong Gortemaker Algra (dJGA), Netherlands, as a new member of the network.  djga is the continuation of successive architects' practices stretching back to 1939, and now comprises architects and engineers working on innovative building forms for the community and commercial sectors.  EuHPN has been pleased to welcome speakers from dJGA to a variety of recent events, including the annual EuHPN workshop, where they have contributed to discussions on the effects of integrated care models on the healthcare built environment and how best to evaluate the success, or otherwise, of healthcare facilities.  You can find out more about dJGA here, and specific information about current and complete projects here.

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