Copenhagen, 2012

EuHPN 2012 Workshop

The Future for Strategic Planning of Healthcare Infrastructure

22-24 October

Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen

This year the annual EuHPN Workshop returned to the theme of strategic planning of healthcare infrastructure.

Thank you to all the speakers, and to all the participants who attended.  We had representatives from 14 different countries, including healthcare architects and engineers, health planners, academics working in the field of health infrastructure development, health policy experts, health economists and senior healthcare administrators.  We were particularly pleased to welcome speakers from our ‘sister’ organisation, the European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture (ECHAA).  The presentations covered a very wide range of topics linked to the strategic planning of healthcare capital assets – at European, national and regional levels, and in terms of masterplanning individual healthcare facilities.

For anyone who is interested to know more about the 2012 EuHPN workshop, the programme is here and information on the speakers is here.  The workshop presentations are available to download below.  A full report on the workshop is forthcoming.

Macroeconomics & Strategic Asset Planning: What is the reality for future capital resources, and who can we get to pay for them?

Steve Wright, Executive Director, European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture (ECHAA)

EU health system reform and future infrastructure planning: the contribution of changes to care models, the workforce, and digital technologies.

Barrie Dowdeswell, Research Director, European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture (ECHAA)

Remote healthcare technologies and the implications for the UK’s health estate.

Professor James Barlow, Imperial College London and the Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre

Healthcare infrastructure development in Denmark’s regions: public sector planning in a publicly funded health system.

Marlene Willemann Würgler, Danish Regions Office for Health and Socialpolitics

 New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg

Claes Brylle Hallqvist, Executive Vice President, New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg

 New Aalborg University Hospital – generality and flexibility

 John Stefansen, Region Nordjylland

 Evidence-based Architectural Healthcare Design and Sustainability in the Healthcare Estate – Case studies from the EU, USA, China and Australia


 Dr Michael Phiri, Sheffield University, UK

 What is being restructured in rebuilding the Hungarian health care? Is it concrete?

 Laszlo Helmle, Gyemszi Regional Health Centre, Hungary


A Healthy Infrastructure Decision Making Tool for Decision Makers and Infrastructure Planners.

 Efthimia Pantzartzis, Grant Mills: Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University, UK


The Hub Initiative – joint asset planning across the public sector: performance improvement and efficient procurement

 Mike Baxter, Deputy Director, Capital and Facilities, Scottish Government

RES-HOSPITALS: New dimensions for Strategic Planning; setting milestones for hospitals at zero carbon emission

 Prof. Simona Agger, Italian Society for Healthcare Engineering and Architecture (SIAIS)


 Strategic Planning for Infrastructures: ‘Bottom Up’ Approach – from bases back to planning.

 Cedric Tcheng, CEO, Hospital Sainte Marie in Villepinte, France


 Dutch trends in healthcare architecture: concepts or strategies?

 Giuseppe Lacanna, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands


Strategic planning for university hospitals in Sweden: planned refurbishment and re-use – the ‘Swedish Model’ in action


 Ia Belfrage, White Arkitekter and Emma Kinch, Locum AB, Sweden

Masterplanning of the Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen


 Andrew Smith, BDP, UK

Planning and design for ‘tight fit’ hospital sites – case studies from Ireland and the UK

 Claudia Bloom and Duncan Finch, Avanti Architects

Nordic Workshop on Acute Care Hospital Services: Lessons and Outcomes for the Health Estate


 Marte Lauvsnes, SINTEF Health Research, Norway

Innovation in Design and Planning the Health Estate: recent examples and trends.

 Susan Francis, Executive Director, Architects for Health

Innovation procurement: delivering efficiency, quality and sustainability in healthcare


 Gaynor Whyles, Angus Hunter, LCB-HEALTHCARE

Infrastructure implications of digitisation: consequences for planning the health estate


 Agneta Granstrom, Norbotten County Council, Sweden

Regional hospital collaboration in Poland: a response to privatisation in the hospital sector.


 Marcin Kautsch and Marek Haber, Poland

 What size is right for inpatient mental health?

 Christopher Shaw, Medical Architecture, UK


 Healthcare: the drivers of change

 Phil Nedin, Global Head of ARUP Healthcare


Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluations at the New Erasmus Medical Centre, Netherlands.


Liesbeth van Heel, Erasmus Medical Centre, Netherlands Joram Nauta, DuCHA-TNO, Netherlands


 Post-Occupancy Evaluation Across the Health Estate in Northern Ireland: gathering the views of patients, public and staff.


 John Cole, Director, Health Estates Investment Group, DHSSPSNI, Northern Ireland