Getting it right, first time, for patients

Join us in Basel, Switzerland, 18-20 September, for the 2019 EuHPN workshop – three days of discussion, debate and interactive co-design on the theme Getting It Right, First Time, For Patients.

Healthcare infrastructure projects need input from a huge range of people – managers, designers, engineers, clinicians, technicians, estates professionals and patients – if they are going to be a success, and no one wants to finish a project only to find that it doesn’t meet the needs of staff or patients.  This year the EuHPN workshop will look at three key factors which contribute to better healthcare built environments: leadership, learning and integrated project delivery.  We will be hearing from high profile keynote speakers and a range of case study presenters, and we will have plenty of opportunity to do some multidisciplinary prototyping of real life design scenarios.  This year we are supported by walkerproject, one of Europe’s leading consultancies for innovation in healthcare.

Download the preliminary programme and register to attend.  We look forward to seeing you in Basel!

EuHPN 2019 – Save The Date!

What, where, when?

This year’s EuHPN workshop is taking place in Basel, Switzerland, from 18 to 20 September.  Our theme is Getting It Right First Time, For Patients.

Healthcare facilities are complex and expensive to plan, design, build and maintain, and their ultimate function is to ensure the best possible patient care, now and in the future.  In brief: we have to get the built environment right, to support new models of care and value for money.

The 2019 EuHPN workshop will focus on how to bring together the right stakeholders, at the right time, to plan and design the right buildings.  We will be discussing:

  • Multidisciplinary, integrated planning and facility design
  • The role of leadership, at all levels
  • Learning from best practice
  • ‘What I could have done better’
  • Partnership and co-design for better buildings

The programme will include eminent keynote speakers, case study presentations, research findings and highly interactive, co-design sessions, featuring EuHPN member organisations and invited external speakers.  The 2019 workshop is organised in partnership with walkerproject.  The venue is Launchlabs in central Basel, just a short walk from the central train station which offers a stimulating, multi-functional environment, close to many of Basel’s cultural attractions and a range of hotel accommodation.

Who should attend?

We welcome EuHPN members and colleagues from health system policy and planning, healthcare architects, hospital directors, estates professionals, capital investment experts, health facility design and construction companies, clinicians with an interest in the built environment and advocates from patient representative groups.

High level programme

18.09.19 EuHPN member meeting (10.00)

Welcome lunch (12.00)

Opening remarks and welcome

Keynote speakers: themes from Europe and Switzerland

Case studies

Drinks reception

19.09.19 Interactive: Simulation Zone co-design sessions

Inspiration: leadership, lessons learned, best practice

Case studies

Panel discussions

Workshop gala dinner

20.09.19 Keynote address

Case studies

Final audience debate

Farewell lunch

Site visits (to mid-afternoon)

What next?

 Please save the dates for the 2019 workshop.  We will circulate more detail on the programme in the coming days, along with a briefing and request for speakers and case studies, information about costs, travel and accommodation and a registration form.  Please look out for updates on our website.

If you would like to express a pre-registration interest in attending the 2019 workshop, please contact Isabel Sanchez at

We look forward to welcoming you to Basel, Switzerland, in September.

EuHPN Board News

The EuHPN board met in January 2019 to appoint a new Chair for the period 2019-2021.  After nominations were received in late 2018, the board was pleased to unanimously approve the appointment of Marte Lauvsnes, a senior manager within the Norwegian Hospital Planning Agency, Sykehusbygg.  Marte has a distinguished career in the fields of health facility planning and design and has been a driving force in many healthcare infrastructure projects in Norway and in other countries.  Marte takes over from Simona Agger, who served as EuHPN Chair from 2015 to 2019.  The EuHPN board members offered their fullest thanks to Simona for her hard work and dedication to the network over that period.

The first board meeting of 2019 also saw the appointment of two new board members.  Cristiana Caira, partner and board member at White arkitekter (Sweden) and Susan Grant, Principal Architect at Health Facilities Scotland, both bring very considerable expertise in health facility design and planning to board discussions.

What to do with smaller hospitals?

Many European countries face similar dilemmas: what to do with smaller hospitals providing acute medical services, particularly those which are geographically remote or otherwise less accessible.  It may be difficult to attract and retain sufficient numbers of specialist staff, and/or thought to be financially inefficient to maintain these services.  But are closure or downgrading really the only answers?  The Nuffield Trust (UK) was recently asked to examine this issue, and to suggest possible solutions.  Their thoughtful and well-researched report is available here.  The context will vary between jurisdictions, and one size rarely fits all, but the report offers a lot of food for thought.

EuHPN 2018: Gothenburg, Sweden, 25-27 September

It’s just a few days until the start of the 2018 EuHPN workshop.  This year we have an amazing range of countries represented from across Europe and a wonderfully diverse group of speakers, both academics and practitioners with interests in planning, designing, constructing and financing all kinds of healthcare infrastructure.  Special thanks to our sponsors Chalmers University of Technology and White Arkitekter for their generous support.  You can download the latest version of the programme here, and if you would like to register (a few places still available) then please complete the registration form.

See you in Gothenburg!

ARCH19 – the 4th Architecture Research Care & Health Conference, Norway

‘Building for better health, research & innovation in architecture & urban design for care & health’ is the title of ARCH19 – the 4th Architecture Research Care & Health conference – organised at the NTNU Knowledge Centre of the St Olav Hospital in Trondheim – Norway –     12th until 14th of June 2019.

ARCH19 connects research & innovation to promote collaborative innovation processes in architecture and urban design for care & health. ‘Building for better health’ aims to offer an insight into gained knowledge and research projects that focus on the issues of care, health, architecture and urban design and brings together researchers and practitioners to present findings and exchange gained knowledge according to the following three guiding topics:

  1. Health promoting architectural and urban design
  2. Housing for people with special needs
  3. Architecture for healthcare service organisations

Therefore, NTNU would like to invite you to react to their call for original research papers and ask you to send in your abstract before the 1st of October 2018.

Please visit NTNU website at for more information about the call for papers, guiding topics, research approaches and submission procedures.