EuHPN Report on Guidelines and Standards

Healthcare facilities are public buildings, and therefore have to meet national minimum standards in relation to fire safety, staff and patient safety, and – often – areas such as light levels, accessibility for disabled visitors, air quality, and a number of other basic measures. These standards are normally enshrined in legislation, and may therefore be embodied in the guidance offered by professional bodies, consultancy companies, and other relevant agencies.

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EuHPN 2010 Report

The 2010 EuHPN workshop has been captured in an event report, thanks to input and help from colleagues from Loughborough University, UK, who are part of the Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC). The workshop examined the theme of ‘big bang’ versus ‘incremental’ development of the health estate, with speakers invited from a range of disciplines, organisations and countries, to contribute to a programme that had three main sub-themes.

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Independent Review of Ireland's National Paediatric Hospital

The Executive Director of EuHPN has recently chaired an independent review of the proposed location of the National Paediatric Hospital of Ireland.

Planning for a new National Paediatric Hospital in Ireland has been underway for some years. After a series of high level reviews of paediatric services, a National Paediatric Hospital Development Board was established to take the project from the concept stage to detailed plans for the hospital’s design.

The recent reverses in Ireland’s economy, coupled with a change of government, prompted a need to re-assess the project, and Ireland's Minister for Health and Children opted to make use of international expertise to accomplish this.

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