Nuffield Trust Euro Summit 2014

This year's Nuffield Trust Euro Summit focused on the future of hospital services across Europe.  Bringing together policy makers, academcis and practitioners over a two-day forum in Brussels, speakers and participants addressed some of the key questions that face health services and hospital organisations, including:

  • What are the drivers for change in the organisation of hospital services in Europe?
  • What do we mean by ‘hospital’ and what are the essential characteristics of an effective hospital network or system?
  • What is the current range of approaches to organising hospital services for a locality, region or nation, and how is this evolving in different European countries?
  • What are leading thinkers in Europe saying about the future organisation of hospitals?
  • What are hospitals in Europe doing to respond to the increasing challenge of managing multi-morbidity and frailty?
  • What are hospitals in Europe doing to respond to the opportunities presented by e-health and other technological developments?

You can explore the presentations, blog posts and interviews by following this link:

EcoQUIP 1st Innovation Procurement Workshop

EuHPN is a partner in the EcoQUIP project, which aims to make a step-change in the ability of the healthcare sector to use public procurement for innovation in goods and services. The 1st EcoQUIP Innovation Procurement Workshop was recently held in Oxford, UK, to address two key questions:

  • How can European hospitals work together to communicate their unmet needs to potential solution providers?
  • How can European hospitals be mobilised to become early adopters of new and emerging solutions?

The presentations from the workshop are available here.

 EcoQUIP logo

2013 Workshop presentations now available

The 2013 Budapest workshop presentations are now available here.  The report of the workshop is in preparation, and its publication will be announced here in due course.