Presentations ECHAA

ECHAA staff have given a number of presentations in recent months covering issues which are being researched by the organisation. Click on the links below for examples under the following topics - others are available on request:

Books - links

Articles - references

  • Rechel B, Wright S, Edwards N, Dowdeswell B, McKee M. Capitalising in the Long Term, Health Estate Journal, p.33-37, Feb 2009;
  • Wright S. Is PFI funding built to last?, Health Services Journal, Aug 2009;
  • Rechel B, Wright S, Edwards N, Dowdeswell, B, McKee M. Keeping capital supple for future flexibility, Health Estate Journal, p.22-25, Sep 2009;
  • Barlow J, Roehrich, J, Wright S. De facto privatisation or a renewed role for the EU? Paying for Europe’s healthcare infrastructure in a recession, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (forthcoming);
  • Rechel B, Barlow J, McKee M, Wright S. Hospital capacity planning: from measuring stocks to modelling flows?, Bulletin of the World Health Organisation (forthcoming).

Policy Seminars

London Policy Seminar, April 28th 2009

Berlin Policy Seminar, November 26th 2009