EuHPN 2010 Report

The 2010 EuHPN workshop has been captured in an event report, thanks to input and help from colleagues from Loughborough University, UK, who are part of the Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC). The workshop examined the theme of ‘big bang’ versus ‘incremental’ development of the health estate, with speakers invited from a range of disciplines, organisations and countries, to contribute to a programme that had three main sub-themes.

Tools and methodologies

What does the current crop of planning instruments tell us about how best to tackle the challenges of the health estate? Speakers presented their experiences of planning health facilities at local, national and international level, with emphasis on evidence-based methods for deciding what to build and where to build it.

From planning to realisation

Having examined the demographic, epidemiological, financial and organisational contexts around provision of health facilities, what is the best way to move from the planning phase to a successful project? This section of the workshop introduced some practical case studies of individual hospital projects, regional reconfiguration of health care infrastructure, and the links between care pathway development and the built environment.

Challenges and opportunities

The planning has been done; a project is underway – what are the barriers to implementation; how can we ensure a successful project? The closing session of the workshop looked at the importance of reflective, iterative planning, the contribution of innovative procurement, and the difficulties of rebalancing care infrastructure in some countries.

You can download the full report here.