EuHPN Report on Guidelines and Standards

Healthcare facilities are public buildings, and therefore have to meet national minimum standards in relation to fire safety, staff and patient safety, and – often – areas such as light levels, accessibility for disabled visitors, air quality, and a number of other basic measures. These standards are normally enshrined in legislation, and may therefore be embodied in the guidance offered by professional bodies, consultancy companies, and other relevant agencies.

But healthcare buildings are not designed just to meet minimum standards; they also have to reflect issues of clinical need, comfort, privacy, dignity, environmental requirements, and efficiency. To do this, health planners, facilities managers and healthcare architects make use of a variety of sources for guidance. This report was written in response to a request from the Department of Health's Estates and Facilities Division (England) to survey a number of other countries to clarify how they are now accessing the best information on health building standards. Download the report here.