Independent Review of Ireland's National Paediatric Hospital

The Executive Director of EuHPN has recently chaired an independent review of the proposed location of the National Paediatric Hospital of Ireland.

Planning for a new National Paediatric Hospital in Ireland has been underway for some years. After a series of high level reviews of paediatric services, a National Paediatric Hospital Development Board was established to take the project from the concept stage to detailed plans for the hospital’s design.

The recent reverses in Ireland’s economy, coupled with a change of government, prompted a need to re-assess the project, and Ireland's Minister for Health and Children opted to make use of international expertise to accomplish this.

Two review panels were chosen. The European Health Property Network was charged with nominating a group of experts in healthcare architecture and engineering, capital investment, health capacity planning, project costing and quantity surveying. EuHPN was also asked to chair the key meetings of this financial review panel, and to quality assure the report from this part of the review.

The second, clinical review panel comprised four Chief Executives from children’s hospitals in Colorado, Boston, Brisbane and London, who represented the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) and the Children’s Hospitals International Executive Forum (CHIEF). They were asked to review the clinical issues associated with the new paediatric hospital, including the model of care, access to the proposed site, and some elements of the design.

The review process took place over six weeks, culminating in a report launch and press conference with Dr James Reilly TD, Minister for Health & Children, Ireland. The review panel members visited the proposed site for the paediatric hospital, as well as a number of comparator sites in the Dublin area. They took evidence from the boards of the three existing Dublin children’s hospitals, the Faculty of Paediatrics, the paediatric health research community, parent groups, and a number of other stakeholders.

In brief, the financial review panel concluded that there was no significant financial advantage to reconsidering the currently proposed site for the National Paediatric Hospital of Ireland. The clinical review group also supported – unequivocally – this location, and made a number of further recommendations designed to ensure the future success of the overall project.

The reports of the review panels are available here and recordings of the media briefing event are available here.