Sustainable European Healthcare Infrastructure

Sustainable European Healthcare Infrastructure: innovation in procurement, planning and design for a green future - Bologna, Italy, 12-14 October 2011

The 2012 European Health Property Network workshop was organised in partnership with LCB-HEALTHCARE, a European Lead Market public procurement network that aims to stimulate innovation for low carbon, sustainable, green solutions in the healthcare building sector. The hosts for the 2011 workshop were the Società Italiana dell’Architettura e dell’Ingegneria per la Sanità (SIAIS - Italian Society for Healthcare Architecture and Engineering).

The EU Commission’s 2020 Strategy speaks of an urgent need for Europe’s economies to achieve ‘smart, sustainable, inclusive growth’, and in particular emphasises a need to shift towards a more resource efficient and low-carbon economy. As a major consumer of resources and hydrocarbons, the healthcare built environment has a particular responsibility in this area. Healthcare infrastructure can lead by:

  • Contributing to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increasing use of renewable energy
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Rethinking transport systems and the food supply chain
  • Innovating in relation to procurement processes
  • Offering leadership in setting the agenda for high quality planning and design

The 2011 workshop presented exemplar projects and case studies in these areas, but also examined the evidence for and against the effectiveness of current policy initiatives.

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